International Information Centre for Balkan Studies

The Socialist Mihail Mikov, has been elected as speaker of the new Bulgarian parliament.

Mr.  Mikov was Interior Minister in 2008-9 during Socialist leader Sergey Stanishev's tripartite coalition government of 2005-to 2009.

His candidacy was approved by 118 members of parliament, while 97 voted against (out of 240).
The predominantly ethnic (Turkish) Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) backed the Socialist candidate, while the nationalists of Ataka abstained.
Together the Socialists and the Turkish party have exactly half of the 240 seats in parliament following the May 12 general elections.
GERB came first with 97 MPs, but is finding itself isolated from the other parties. It has demanded that the results of the deadlocked May elections be annulled. The Scialist have 84 deputies, MRF - 36, and Ataka -23.

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