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Bulgarian Socialists Tasked With Forming Government

The Socialist Party, which came second in the May 12 elections, received a mandate to form a government from President Rosen Plevneliev on Thursday (23.05.2013)- after the first-ranking GERB party refused to do so.

A mandate has been handed to Plamen Oresharski, a former Finance Minister, to form a new government in Bulgaria following inconclusive general elections. His government is expected to be backed by the Socialists and the ethnic (Turkish) Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF).

The former ruling centre-right GERB party, which gained most votes in the elections, but not enough to form a government (97 out of 240), returned the mandate immediately.

The two parties that finished second (SocialistS with 84 deputies) and third (MRF with 36 deputies) in the elections have pledged to form the new government by next Tuesday, indicating that the impasse since May 12 vote may soon be broken.

The two parties have a total of 120 of the 240 seats. The nationalist Ataka party with 23 deputies plus the centre-right GERB have the same amount.


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