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Daniel Serwer: "Dacic makes enemies, it is not wise at all"

Daniel Serwer said recent statement of Serbia's Foreign Affairs Chief Ivica Dacic on organizing the support for Trump is "not wise", Radio Free Europe reports

August 10, 2019

"Obviously, Dacic thinks he has friends in the current administration and wants to support them. But all he has achieved is ensuring that whoever is the next US president from the Democrats now considers Dacic, and possibly Serbia, an enemy. So it wasn't wise at all,” Serwer warned.

US expert on Balkans Affairs Daniel Serwer added that "it is a big mistake to show an alliance with one or the other US political party because there is always a real possibility of a change in power". "So, if you do, then you have to be prepared to expect consequences if a party you didn't support wins", Serwer concluded.

According to Serwer's words, this statement would make Americans more cautious when it comes to the issue of diverse impacts on the election process during the next presidential elections.

Former Pentagon Official in charge for Balkan Michael Carpenter criticized Dacic's statement, perceiving it as interference into US domestic affairs.

Dacic stated this week that he will organize Serbs residing in US to formalize their support to Trump on the next presidential elections.

Dacic claimed that as a Foreign Minister, he’ll "organize the formalization of support for Trump at the next elections".

"If we do it smartly, if we unite those votes, we will create a better position with the new administration", Dacic told “Srpski Telegraf", adding that 650,000 Serbs live in the United States.

Dacic added that the same was done by Albanians, when the united their votes from diaspora.

Source:  https://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2019&mm=08&dd=10&nav_id=107128

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