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Serbia’s opposition meets on Friday "to discuss current political situation"

August 22, 2019

Serbia’s opposition parties will meet on Friday to discuss the present political situation in the country, the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) said on Thursday.

 SzS did not specify, but it seemed likely that the main topic of the meeting to be held in the Stari Grad municipality building, the only one local administration run by the opposition in Belgrade, would be if and when to declare the boycott of the next spring general and local elections.

On Wednesday, The People’s Party, led by former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, said the top leadership unanimously agreed to boycott the vote.

The failure of the round table discussions held under the Chatham House rule, i.e., behind closed doors, between the regime and opposition seemed to have prompted the decision.

Other significant opposition parties said they would do the same, but they differed about the timing, varying from now to when the elections were called.

Earlier on Thursday, Serbia’s former President and now an opposition leader Boris Tadic, who supported boycott, warned that the decision not to take part in the vote should be made with many factors taken into account. 

One of the minor centre-rightist opposition parties, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), said that its representatives would not take part in the meeting because “there is no reason to be present at the meeting where the talks will be about the boycott.”

DSS hasn’t yet decided whether to participate in the vote, saying SzS has already opted for the boycott.

The opposition last meeting was on August 5.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a509778/Serbia-s-opposition-to-discuss-political-situation-probably-election-boycott-as-well.html

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