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Civic protest over Serbia’s opposition activist’s cars being set ablaze

September 6, 2019

The residents of the Belgrade Lazarevac suburb gathered late on Friday in a protest over early morning explosions that destroyed an opposition activist’s cars and damaged other three parked nearby, N1 reported.

The activist Aleksandar Drazic told N1 TV that he had opposed the current local and republic's authorities for the last seven years (since the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, led by President Aleksandar Vucic came to power), but that he hadn’t seen such level of violence against political opponents.

“Since 2014, I have been attacked three times, suffering serious injuries, they broke office windows, two months ago they demolished the same car and now set ablaze two vehicles,” Drazic said.

Explosive devices were planted beneath his two cars on two locations and exploded within nine minutes apart in Lazarevac, the 1 in 5 million anti-government organisation said earlier on Friday.

Drazic confirmed on his Facebook profile that two of his cars, one outside his house and the other in nearby street exploded between 2:50 and 2:59 am on Friday, while the police said they did not have information on the incident.

Later, the Interior Ministry (MUP) told N1 the police started an investigation after receiving the call that cars exploded in two streets. The police notified the respective prosecution and took all measures to solve the events, MUP said. 

No one was injured, and the fire that broke out damaged three other cars.

Source: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a523655/Civic-protest-in-belgrade-s-suburb-over-opposition-activist-cars-being-set-ablaze.html

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