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Serbian president says no complete list of missing persons exists

September 17, 2019

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the families of people missing in Kosovo that no definitive list of missing persons has been compiled yet.

“Unfortunately, our state did not investigate everything that happened in 1999 or after the year 2000 and we still have no official list of people killed and missing in Kosovo but we believe we will complete that difficult job,” he said during a visit to the offices of the Association of Families of the Missing and Abducted in kosovo.  

Vucic told the families that the authorities will do everything they can to find their loved ones. “The state will certainly continue doing everything possible and investigating the fate of the people missing and kidnapped in Kosovo,” he said.  

The president welcomed the fact that the remains of seven Kosovo Serbs had been found in the Djakovica area, adding that the fates of another 570 missing Serbs and non-Albanians have to be found as well as those of missing Albanians.

Source: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a526512/Serbian-president-says-no-complete-list-of-missing-persons-exists.html

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