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Self-determination leads in Kosovo, Serb List landslide victory in the north

October 6, 2019

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said three hours after the closing of the polling stations that Serb List, Kosovo Serb party supported by Belgrade, won in the all Serb-dominated municipalities in northern Kosovo, N1 reported.

He said that “today’s victory is the most convincing one in the Serb List history.”

Kosovo Central Election Commission (CIK) said that after 77 percent of votes counted, Self-determination party took the lead in the rest of Kosovo’s with 26.1 percent, followed by the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) with 25.2.

Following the results in the north, the leaders of the Serb List and people in Mitrovica celebrated the victory in the centre of the town.

After 100 percent of votes counted in the northern Mitrovica, Serb List won 98.07 pecent of the votes, Vucic told reports in Belgrade, adding that in other municipalities with a Serb majority the party won over 90 percent of the votes.

“Everything that has been done has been done to destroy Serb List, to find the Serbs who don’t want to have anything with Belgrade,” Vucic said, adding that Kosovo Serbs had united and “defended its state” in the elections.

Serb List will hold all ten mandates in the Kosovo Parliament, reserved for their minority.

Earlier,  three Kosovo opposition parties declared victory: the Self-determination party, led by Albin Kurti, (LDK) headed by Isa Mustafa and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (DSK) of outgoing Parliament speaker Kadri Veseli.

After 35 percent of the votes counted, CIK earlier said that the LDK got 64.5, Self-determination 59.49 and DSK 57.71 percent.

Veseli said later on Sunday his DSK would be a part of the opposition since “the people had its say.” His party was a part of the regime for 12 years.

The early general elections were held in Kosovo on Sunday after Ramush Haradinaj resigned as Prime Minister following the call from The Hague-based Special Court for war crimes by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the 1998-1999 armed conflict in the then Serbia’s province.  

According to the exit polls, his party did poorly in Sunday's elections despite the fact he was reported to have great support for introducing and refusing to abolish the 100 percent import duties on goods from Serbia and Bosnia.

Source: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a532266/Serb-List-wins-in-the-north-three-Albanian-parties-say-they-win-in-the-rest-of-Kosovo.html

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