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Criminal charges against 1 in 5 million for painting cubes and doors in Belgrade

October 8, 2019

The Belgrade City Administration filed criminal charges against people from #1 in 5 million organisation who painted granite cubes in the Republic’s Square into golden colour during the traditional anti-government civil protest last Saturday, N1 reported.

The Authorities said they filed charges against people “seen on a video made by the participants and published by the media, and based on information on their identity provided by the citizens.”

“The Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction warns it hasn’t been the first time that groups of hooligans attack workers on the reconstruction of the City’s roads and destroy the City’s property, traffic signs, protective fences,” the statement for the City of Belgrade said, adding the perpetrators “of these and similar acts” should be sanctioned.

Last Saturday, Belgraders marked the 19th anniversary of October 5, 2000, when mass demonstrations ended the rule of the then President Slobodan Milosevic, accused of war crimes before The Hague Tribunal, but wasn't convicted since died during the trial.

They also pained the reconstructed road along the Square which was said to have cost ten million Euros, but which had to be redone ten days after it was finished due to poor quality of the material used.

The protesters painted the granite cubes to symbolically show that the authorities were just painting over everything. “They are saying we are in a golden age. We showed them what their golden age is. They just paint over the façade with everything falling apart underneath," protest organizer Miodrag Simovic said.   

On Monday, the criminal charges were filed against those from #1 in 5 million organisation who painted the doors to the state RTS TV in pink, alluding to its new programme similarity to that of the pro-government Pink TV.

Source: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a532652/Belgrade-files-criminal-charges-for-painting-grafite-cubes-and-doors.html

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