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Serb List: No Kosovo Government without us

October 8, 2019

Dalibor Jevtic, a Deputy Leader of the Serb List, political party of Kosovo Serbs supported by Belgrade, said on Tuesday it was impossible to form a new Pristina government without a negotiations with his party according to the Constitution and laws, the Srna news agency reported.

Commenting on the statement by Albin Kurti, whose Self-determination party won a majority of votes in last Sunday’s elections, that he would talk to the Serbs, but not to Serb List, Jevtic told the state RTS TV that Kurti was saying what he would like to do and not what the laws stipulated.

He cited the Constitution’s Article 96 which said that “the Serb representative to the Kosovo government would be elected by a majority of the deputies from that community in the parliament.

“What Kurti is saying is like we say we don’t want him for the prime minister and we will take someone else,” Jevtic said.

He added that the final results, after counting the votes from abroad, would give a clear picture, though he said that it was expected the majority of diaspora votes would go to Kurti’s party.

Jevtic stressed the importance of Serb List winning all ten seats reserved for a Serb minority in the Parliament.

“That means we haven’t left a room for any Albanian leader to trade with the Kosovo Serbs’ interests,” Jevtic said.        

Source: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a532620/Kosovoi-Serb-politician-says-Pristina-cannot-form-governmnet-without-Serb-List.html

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