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Kosovo Serb says Serb List election victory not credible

November 4, 2019

Kosovo Serb politician Aleksandar Jablanovic said on Monday that the credibility of the percentage of votes won by the Belgrade-backed Serb List was doubtful.

Jablanovic, leader of the Party of Kosovo Serbs, told a local TV station in Gracanica, he is opposed to the Serb List because it is not a credible representative of the Kosovo Serbs and added that the 97 percent of the vote are vote it claims to have won were “stolen”. He said that his party has proof of election fraud which will be submitted to the Central Election Commission.

Jablanovic warned that the Serb community in Kosovo has been pushed aside and can’t trust Belgrade or Pristina. He added that it should be directly involved in the Brussels dialogue because it is about their future. “The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will define some of Serbia’s interests in Kosovo but it will determine the future of the Serbs in Kosovo,” he said and added that not everything that Belgrade is negotiating is in the best interests of the Kosovo Serbs. “The negotiations are meant to buy time and get points to ease Serbia’s path to the European Union,” he said.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a541071/Kosovo-Serb-says-Serb-List-election-victory-not-credible.html

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