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Vucic opponents, supporters face off in front of RTS

November 5, 2019

Rival groups of opponents and supporters of the Serbian President faced off in front of the entrance to the Serbian state TV (RTS) waiting for Aleksandar Vucic to enter the building to take part in a political talk show.

The 1 in 5 Million organization called its supporters to gather in front of the RTS headquarters to “ask the president questions”. Minutes after they got there, a group of Vucic supporters appeared and the two groups faced off separated by a cordon, chanting with some pushing and shoving. The crowd of Vucic opponents and supporters numbered about 200 people and included supporters of Dveri movement leader Bosko Obradovic.

The streets leading to a side entrance to the RTS building were initially blocked by uniformed police officers but an N1 crew was prevented from walking to the entrance by a group of men in plain clothes who did not identify themselves. An N1 reporter said he was asked what station he worked for and was told that N1 can’t get through.

Vucic appeared on the talk show saying that he walked to a side entrance to get into the building. He said a few young men shouted at him from a café.

Student activists of the 1 in 5 Million organization said they were waiting at every possible place that the president could have passed but failed to see him.

Speaking to the pro-authorities TV Pink earlier, Vucic said the Upitnik talk show was not recorded in advance and added that he would not be going to the RTS studio in the Kosutnjak suburb.

Dveri leader Obradovic said he was there because he and his supporters were there because they no longer want to tolerate humiliation. “We are defending the constitution and laws which Aleksandar Vucic has been breaking for seven years,” he said. Obradovic added that he was there in a show of support for the students.

He said that Vucic is “the biggest political coward in modern history” and added that anyone watching the Upitnik talk show “can see the face of a frightened man who is facing the reality of no longer being in a position to rule”.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a541383/Vucic-opponents-supporters-face-off-in-front-of-RTS.html

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