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Serbia’s fmr VBA boss: Many trust friends and relatives to control arms export

November 26, 2019

Momir Stojanovic former chief of Serbia’s Military Counterintelligence Agency (VBA) said on Tuesday that many officials in the current regime trusted the arms trade with relatives and friends to oversee the export and “keep the thing under control,” and added that “that’s how the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic’s father Branko strayed into GIM company,” the Beta news agency reported.

 Stojanovic said the information Marinika Tepic, an opposition leader and an MP, received about the ammunition Krusik company, couldn’t come from “an ordinary citizen. Probably some powerful systems whom the current regime promised something briefed her."

“Those systems now want to warn Serbia’s authorities what will happen if they don’t meet promises,” Stojanovic told a presentation of the “People’s Bloc,” a new pre-election coalition in Serbia.

He said that “Jugoimport SDPR” was the key company for trading in weaponry and military equipment and that "after the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) came to power and appointed incompetent people to lead 'Jugoimport,' the problems begin.”

Stojanovic added that another problem was that in transactions in arms export the European Union’s list of countries and movements which were under arms embargo was not respected, and then Serbia’s arms ended in the Middle East.

He said many companies that used to be “of the VBA interest” became some of the largest arms exporters because of “fast earnings” in the arms trade and added he didn’t believe that President Aleksandar Vucic would “sacrify” some of his associates involved in that.


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