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Serbia's opposition MP: Ruling SNS official behind mine export ending in Ukraine

November 26, 2019

The Deputy leader of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) and an MP, Marinka Tepic said on Tuesday that behind the export of Serbia-made mortar mines that ended in Ukraine was "a member of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Main Board Milorad Pusica," the Beta news reported.

Tepic told reporters in the Parliament that "high-ranking SNS officials and close associates of President Aleksandar Vucic, also the party's leader, like Milorad Pusica and Slobodan Tesic, were involved in all arms export from Serbia.

"Vucic is saying for days that the (ammunition company) 'Krusik' whistleblower Aleksandar Obradovic's mother was behind the mines trading, while this document clearly says that it was Pusica and that the Polish 'Natan", i.e., 'Tehnopromet', its representatives here, were only a flow boiler," Tepic said.

She also rejected Vucic's accusations that a part of Serbia's opposition "destroys the country and arms industry," and called on him to explain "how a member of SNS Main Board was a direct middleman in the trade of 30,000 mines from 'Krusik' which ended in Ukraine?"

"No one is against the development of the arms industry and its legal business, but what we have here are typical examples of influence peddling, abuse of office and over five corruption-related crimes," Tepic said.

She added that "we are not destroying the arms industry, we are guarding it against Vucic and his clique, and against a manoeuvrer to destroy and then privatise the arms industry, especially 'Jugoimport SDPR,' by brokers close to SNS," Tepic added.

She showed reporters a Government suggestion to form Serbia's defence industry group, which, according to her, should "move the entire arms trade into the hands of SNS people."

"That's the way to integrate all arms-producing companies into one called 'Defence Industry Group' controlled by a Government's Council with a president and members," Tepic said, adding that there was a strong resistance to the adoption of such a document, "especially within the Army of Serbia (VRS)."

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a547202/Opposition-MP-accuses-oficial-of-President-Vucic-s-SNS-of-being-behid-arms-trade.html

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