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Private Megatrend University sold to German funds, after N1's documentary

November 28, 2019

Only two days after N1 aired a documentary about the role of the private Megatrend University in nostrifying Serbia's Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic's diploma, and its non-existent schools and lecturers, Mica Jovanovic, the owner, told reporters on Thursday he sold the University to the German funds' consortium, N1 reported.

Jovanovic added he would end his career and left Serbia to live in France, after, as he said, N1's documentary was a peak of a negative campaign against him and his UNiversity.

He said he sold 100 percent of the Megatrend ownership to Dejan Djordjevic, the German consortium representative in Serbia for 56.1 million Euros, adding he considered the move as another German investment in the country.

Jovanovic said the contract stipulated that the new owner had to invest another 150 million Euros in the development of the University in the next five years. "

"I'm withdrawing; I won't live here anymore. I have a home in southern France, in Cannes. I'll soon move there, hoping to be outside the reach of some nice journalists and TV stations," Jovanovic said.

He added his decision came after "a media lynch and a five-year-long negative campaign which ended in fall of students' enrolment for 400 percent.

"The reasons are media lynch and campaign, with N1's film as a peak," Jovanovic said.

Jovanovic added he also had enough of the accusations by the members of the opposition Alliance for Serbia group, during the rule of some of its members, as he said,  "Megatrend was flourishing."

He said he refused the offered state financial and moral help because that would have "exploded like a bomb," and "the spitting (on him) would have intensified."

Jovanovic added he was not a member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party but its leading coalition partner the Socialist Party of Serbia.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a547820/Megatrend-University-sold-after-N1-s-film-which-owner-says-is-a-peak-of-negative-campaign.html

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