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Serbia’s pensioners protest against reduced income, call for election boycott

November 29, 2019

A group of Serbia’s pensioners gathered at the main city’s square on Friday to protest against Government measure which reduced their pensions for four years until last November, demanding their money back, N1 reported

They said they were not satisfied with the situation the oldest people in Serbia were, adding that “in the last seven years (since President Aleksandar Vucic’s party came to power) they have suffered an unjust robbery,” and that the state did not return what it took from them.

The protest’s slogan “Get reasonable and get mad,” is their wish to call on all the pensioners to “revenge” and stop allowing the current authorities to violate their dignity anymore.

They also called on the pensioners not to vote in the next general elections until fair and democratic conditions for voting were established.

There are over 1.7 million pensioners out of a total of over 6.7 million eligible voters in Serbia how many were registered for the 2017 presidential elections.

On Friday, protesting pensioners held banners reading ‘The robbery of pensioners is not a reform,’ ‘It’s not a reform for old people to eat from trash cans,’ ‘Your Majesty, we don’t want charity.’

The pensioners said they again wrote to Vucic that the reforms in Serbia should not be carried out by reducing their income.

Serbia’s pensioners said earlier this year they would appeal to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg after the countries’ Constitutional Court ruled to stop reviewing whether the decision on reducing the pensions was in line with the Constitution.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a548058/Serbia-s-pensioners-protest-against-reduced-income-call-for-election-boycott.html

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