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University Professor: Bosnia's NATO Membership Action Plan is activated

November 24, 2019

Bosnia's Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO is activated, in a way, the head of the Atlantic Council in Bosnia, Mostar University professor Dijana Gupte told N1 on Sunday, arguing that the recently signed reform document by the Presidency is de facto the Annual National Plan (ANP).

We've signed everything before getting to the MAP. This was the final step. The MAP is in a way activated. This is only the first phase, after which comes the process which all NATO member states had to go through,” Gupta told N1. “I think we've gained the credibility which will allow us to be taken seriously, as a country that wants peace and collective security. Nato will appreciate that profoundly, and I think future cooperation will be optimistic.”

In a statement to Fena news agency, she said the document which the tripartite Presidency signed last week, opening the doors to the formation of Bosnia's government after more than a year since the last general election, is the first step to the activation of the MAP.

“The document deals with issues of security, defense and resources. These are reform issues and that is the ANP. Due to the specific situation in the country, many Bosnian officials said this was something else different. That's not true. This is the ANP,” Gupta told Fena.

Bosnia's tripartite Presidency decided to appoint Zoran Tegeltija as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, which serves as Bosnia's government, and they decided to submit the document called the Reform Program of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

This session was held immediately after a joint meeting with ambassadors of the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia.

Source:  http://ba.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a393441/University-Professor-Bosnia-did-sign-the-ANP-for-NATO.html

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