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GIM announces lawsuit against media outlet reporting on its business activities

November 30, 2019

Law Office 'Ninkovic' has contacted the Danas daily on behalf of the GIM company announcing a lawsuit against this media outlet if it continues reporting on their business activities. The similar announcement was sent to N1 TV in Belgrade.

There is no justified interest, the law office said in the note, to report on the firm for two months and mention the names of its partners, contracts, photos of airplane and ship with their registration plates as well as other information that damaged the GIM company while jeopardising the national security of the country and its defence mechanisms.

The law office particularly emphasised the article titled 'Under which conditions is the GIM buying weapon from police' published on November 7.

The GIM company came into the spotlight after a whistleblower unveiled that Branko Stefanovic, the father of Serbia's Internal Affairs Minister and high ranking SNS official Nebojsa Stefanovic, was involved in the purchase of weapon made by the Krusik factory for the GIM, which were then sold to buyers in Saudi Arabia and ended up in hands of Islamic extremists in Yemen.

Whistleblower Aleksandar Obradovic was jailed and later released into house arrest after the NIN weekly and other media reported the case.

Chief editor Dragoljub Petrovic said that the announcement the daily received can be seen as a pressure so that they stop reporting on the situation in Krusik. He noted that the daily is yet to decide on further steps after consultations with journalist associations and lawyers.

N1 TV in Belgrade also received a note from law office 'Ninkovic' as a representative of the GIM company.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a548336/GIM-announces-lawsuit-against-media-outlet-reporting-on-its-business-activities.html

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