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Serbia's opposition movement blocks state TV doors

November 30, 2019

Just before the scheduled Saturday’s anti-government protest #1 in 5 million, the members of Serbia's nationalist-opposition Dveri movement blocked all entrances to the state RTS TV for two hour demanding to talk to its editor-in-chief whom they wanted to enable the appearance of Borko Stefanovic, opposition leader heavily beaten by thugs in the central Krusevac town a year ago, in the public broadcaster’s main evening news, N1 reported.

Dveri said that was the way to mark the anniversary of the first protest then called “Stop to Bloody Shirts” after Stefanovic’s shirt was soaked with blood from his head that suffered heavy blows with metal bars.

"The demands are that during tonight’s main news programme on RTS people see and hear Borko Stefanovic and some people from the #1 in 5 million protests' organisers who have never been invited to the RTS programme during a year of regular weekly rallies,” Dveri said in a statement.

Dveri ended the blockade of the public broadcaster and Obradovic locked an entrance and kept the key for himself. "This is the last warning. RTS violates the Constitution by ignoring the protest and its organisers," Obradovic said but failed short of announcing his next moves.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a548410/Serbia-s-opposition-movement-blocks-state-TV.html 

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