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Is unexplained refusal to extend contract with UM new campaign against N1?

December 3, 2019

As of December 1, some 90,000 households in Serbia cannot watch several United Media channels such as N1, Sport Klub, Cinemania and children programs Picaboo and Vavoom, N1 reported on Monday.

The state cable operator Posta NET refused to renew a contract with the United Media (UM), despite the company's effort to extend it.

N1 expresses disappointment with the move which deprived a considerable number of people and our viewers of a signal of independent and professional television.

Bearing in mind that the step was not explained and the forthcoming general elections, it seems almost sure that the intention behind it is to make N1 less visible because of its critical reporting and independent editorial policy.

"N1 asks is this a continuation and new form of the campaign intensively conducted against our television? Several months ago, we warned about this possibility. Will all state-owned or cable operators close to the authorities follow Posta's NET example at the expense of their audience," N1 asked in a statement.

N1 is a part of the United Media.  

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a548830/Is-new-anti-N1-campaign-on-its-way.html

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