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Democratic Party leader denies the party is divided

January 12, 2020

Democratic Party (DS) leader Zoran Lutovac denied that there are different factions within this party but that there is a “small group of persons who have their own stance and opinion.”

Speaking to N1, Lutovac dismissed the allegations about divisions in the DS, stressing that the party’s bodies passed all important decisions almost unanimously.

Explaining the reasons behind the boycott of upcoming elections, he said the opposition’s goal is to have fair and free elections, where all parties will enjoy the same conditions.

“We will cast our vote in the first free and fair elections. The purpose of the boycott is this, to fight for free elections. And those who are with us now will be our rivals. We’re not giving up part of our voters this way, we’re devoted to all voters who should get the right to vote under free and fair conditions,” he added.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a559869/Democratic-Party-leader-denies-the-party-is-divided.html

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