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Russian ambassador says Moscow will join in Kosovo dialogue if invited

February 3, 2020

Russia’s Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Botsan Harchenko told Monday’s issue of Belgrade daily Blic that Moscow will join in the dialogue on Kosovo if Belgrade invites it to do so but warned that an agreement can’t be reached without Russia and the UN Security Council.

According to the ambassador, Russia always wanted to see Belgrade and Pristina continue their talks but was concerned by the desire to find a solution quickly. “I don’t believe there is a quick solution unless someothing that is unacceptable for Belgrade is imposed such as recognition of the independence of Kosovo,” he said commenting Washington’s efforts to resolve the problems in relations between Belgrade and Pristina quickly.  

The ambassador denied claims that Russia does not want a solution to be found so that it could maintain its influence in the region through Serbia. Russia’s interest was always to see the talks continue, he said.  

“If the international community wants to make a positive and significant contribution it has to learn a lesson from what has already happened and understand the current situation which suits no one in the region, Europe or Washington,” he said. The ambassador said that the talks have to be brought back to UN Security Council resolution 1244 as their foundation.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a566070/Russian-ambassador-says-Moscow-will-join-in-Kosovo-dialogue-if-invited-by-Belgrade.html

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