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Kurti's party says will arrest Serb ministers if insult Kosovo people

February 11, 2020

The ministers from the Serb List, a political organisation of local Serbs in Kosovo, supported by Belgrade, will be arrested if offend Kosovo's people, a member of Prime Minister Albin Kurti's Self-Determination party Arber Vokri, has said on Tuesday, the KoSSev website reported.

"We cannot tolerate insults related to identity, history, and especially not those coming from the Serb List. If they reiterate them they will be arrested. We won't tolerate those current ministers," Vokri told Pristina media.

He also announced that his party would "work on the changes to the Constitution."

"We intend to change the Constitution since Belgrade supports the Serb List," Vokri added.

The website recalls that a former minister of administration and local governance from the Dserb List Ivan Todosijevic was sentenced to two years in jail for "instigating national, racial, religious hatred, intolerance and unrest."

Todosijevic was punished for calling the Albanians Shiptars (their name in Albanian, but offensively used in Serbian) and the Raca killings in 1999 that led to NATO bombing of the then Yugoslavia described as 'made up.'

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a568328/Kosovo-authorities-will-arrest-Serb-ministre-if-offending-Kosovo-people.html

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