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Rama tells Kurti: Get ready to remove Kosovo-Albania border

February 11, 2020

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama told his Kosovo counterpart Albin Kurti that they have to prepare to remove their common border.

“I said so earlier and I told Kurti today and in public that we have not done our job for the future and our people if we don’t achieve full freedom of movement for people first and then for goods, capital and services,” Rama told a news conference during Kurti’s visit to the Albanian capital Tirana.  

According to Rama, Tirana supports Pristina in its struggle for full recognition and affirmation at all levels and relations with all states as a sovereign and democratic state.

Kurti responded saying that inter-state cooperation has to be upgraded to the level that the people always wanted, adding that Kosovo and Albania have always been a priority to each other. “We agreed to form an inter-state commission to implement the 77 agreements reached to date and to reach new agreements,” he said.

Asked about the mini-Schengen initiative, Kurti said that they discussed an Albanian Macro-Schengen rather than a Balkan mini-Schengen and Rama responded saying that there can be no Albanian Macro-Schengen without a Balkan Mini-Schengen. “If we remain consistent and coordinated in our activities, the path that has been closed to us for years will open and we will have a common space between the two countries, freedom of movement which was unimaginable yesterday not just because of Serbia’s resistance…. No one, not Serbia or any other state, can tell us that we are creating a Greater Albania if we remove the border,” Rama said.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a568470/Rama-tells-Kurti-Get-ready-to-remove-Kosovo-Albania-border.html

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