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Serbia's Vucic: We expect more infected, all borders close at 8 am

March 19, 2020

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic warned on Thursday that the number of infected with COVID-19 would increase, that as of 8 am on Friday all border crossings will be closed for passengers entering Serbia by roads, railway and river traffic, except for transport lorries, and that the curfew would be soon extended, N1 reported.

He told the news conference that since the state of emergency was declared on Sunday night, 71,180 Serbia's nationals came home.

"Many behave correctly and responsibly, but there are "some catastrophic exceptions."

"We monitor Italian mobile phone numbers, not to spy, but to see if some people are in roaming and move around. And the police will pay special attention to some settlements. In Belgrade, in some suburbs we have a great number of people (who disobey rules)," Vucic said, telling people not to be surprised if saw more police officers in Belgrade suburb of Mirjevo and some places in eastern Serbia.

He added that in the next seven days "we have to be the most serious about avoiding what happened in other countries.

"The Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Belgrade is almost full," he said, adding that other hospitals would be used.

"We discharged two patients today after they were tested negative twice, but many more are coming," Vucic said.

He told the news conference that a hundred and more confirmed infected was an important thing because that was the moment when in many countries the numbers went up by geometric sequence.

Referring to the medical equipment, Vucic said that on Thursday night seven Swedish-made respirators arrived in Serbia, that another nine were expected from Laipcig and another 100 on Saturday night from China.

"We bought 200 clinical respirators, I can't tell you how and where from, but we expect them by Tuesday.

Vucic reiterated his plea with the pensioners, the older people, not to leave home to protect themselves and others. 

The curfew is from 8 pm to 5 am, but older than 65 years of age are banned from going out all the time.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a579793/Curfew-will-be-extended-Serbia-s-President-says-after-103-confirmed-coronavirus-cases.html

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