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No public transport; restaurants, cafes, shopping malls closing in Serbia

March 20, 2020

Serbia’s Government decided on Friday to broaden restrictions due to COVID-19 virus pandemic in the country by cancelling public transport and closing down restaurants, cafes and shopping malls from 8 pm on Saturday, N1 reported.

Earlier, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic confirmed the first death to coronavirus in the country, while the Health Ministry said there a total of 135 confirmed cases of the infection.

Food delivery will be allowed since passengers’ traffic can still function.

Brnabic added that on at 7-8 pm on Saturday, the largest Air Serbia plane would land in Belgrade from Beijing with much medical equipment, protective gear and a team with Chinese experts for coronavirus.

She added that the plane was expected to return to China for more aid.

She said later that after talking to President Aleksandar Vucic, she decided to change the earlier set time for closing restaurants, cafes and shopping malls from Sunday at 8 pm to Saturday at 8 pm.

She added that in future no more than five people would be allowed in a group.

Brnabic pleaded with managers to fully understand the employees and enable them to work from home. “Those who cannot secure that should contact the Government through Chamber of Commerce to provide the transport,” she said.

Besides the National Torlak Laboratory in Belgrade, the Vojvodina Clinical Centre in Novi Sad would do the testing on coronavirus to improve the efficiency of the system.

Brnabic reiterated the warning to the population to honor the protective measures. “If we don’t listen to experts we will have the same situation as Italy where 627 people died today.”  

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a580177/Restaurants-cafes-shopping-malls-close-in-Serbia-no-public-transport.html

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