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Slovenia reports 548 new coronavirus cases, 7 deaths

April 11, 2021

Slovenia on Sunday reported 548 new coronavirus cases and seven COVID-19-related deaths in the last 24 hours.

Estimates indicate that the 11-day lockdown, which ends today, has worked and the third wave of the epidemic is expected to end within the next few weeks.

„It seems that the lockdown and tight restrictions are working because the number of positive tests is decreasing,“ Leon Cizelj of the Jožef Štefan Research Institute said, adding that the reproduction number of COVID-19 was expected to fall below one in the coming days.

According to government figures, 615 people infected with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized, ten more than on Saturday, and 139 of them are in intensive care. A total of 332,000 people have been vaccinated and 5.8 percent of the population have received both vaccine doses.

In the last 24 hours, the share of positive tests was 19.1 percent, compared to 26.5 percent on Saturday. With seven more deaths, the total death toll has climbed to 4,119.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/slovenia-reports-548-new-coronavirus-cases-7-deaths/

Croatia’s coronavirus update: 1,617 new cases, 39 deaths

April 11, 2021

Over the past 24 hours, 1,617 new cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Croatia, and there have been 39 related deaths, the national COVID-19 crisis management team said on Sunday.

The number of active cases in Croatia stands at 13,241, a decrease of 425 from Saturday.

There are 1,870 COVID patients in hospitals, 182 of whom are on ventilators.

There are currently 28,645 people in self-isolation.

Since 25 February 2020, when Croatia registered its first case of the infection, 292,516 people have contracted the novel coronavirus, 6,308 of them have died, and 272,967 have recovered, including 2,003 in the last 24 hours.

To date, 1,639,110 people have been tested, 9,307 of whom over the past 24 hours.

As of 10 April, 583,931 doses of vaccine have been used, and 473,522 people have been vaccinated. Of them, 361,385 people have received the first dose, and 110,409 have received both doses. For 1,728 people, there is no data on which dose they have received.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/croatias-coronavirus-update-1617-new-cases-39-deaths/

Bosnia reports 1,129 new coronavirus cases and 50 fatalities

April 11, 2021

Bosnian health officials reported 1,129 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday, along with 50 virus-related fatalities.

The country’s Federation (FBiH) entity reported 1,008 new cases after testing 3,071 samples for the new coronavirus. The entity’s Public Health Institute said they recorded 21 deaths caused by the virus.

The Republika Srpska (RS) region said they registered 111 new cases of the disease after testing 631 suspected samples. This entity also reported having 26 fatalities over the last 24 hours.

Brcko District health officials said they recorded 10 new coronavirus cases along with three fatalities.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/bosnia-reports-1129-new-coronavirus-cases-and-50-fatalities/

Coronavirus UPDATE: 35 deaths, 2732 newly infected in Serbia

April 11, 2021

The Serbian Health Ministry said in its daily 3:00 pm bulletin on Sunday that 35 people died of coronavirus-related ailments over the previous 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 5,735.

It said that 10,898 people had been tested over the previous 24 hours, including 2,732 who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The total number of people tested to date stands at 3,588,296 with 6420208 confirmed cases.

The bulletin said that there are 7,890 hospitalized patients, including 266 patients on ventilators.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/coronavirus-update-35-deaths-2732-newly-infected-in-serbia/

Paediatrician: More children with more severe symptoms, due to rise in patients

April 11, 2021

President of the Association of Paediatricians of Serbia Georgios Konstantinidis said that the British strain of coronavirus is currently responsible for twice the number of infected children in Serbia than a month ago, but adds that severe symptoms occur with the same frequency as with other strains and since more children are infected, the absolute number must grow proportionally.

„There are definitely more children with more severe symptoms because we have more patients,“ he stated.

He also pointed out that children do not transmit the virus well, especially when they are asymptomatic, and that their vaccination is not a priority at the moment, but it is necessary to vaccinate the adults first, which will best protect children from the disease.

„The initial misconception was that the British strain causes more severe symptoms, but the symptoms are more or less the same. However given the higher number of patients, there are definitely more children with more severe symptoms,“ Dr Konstantinidis explained for N1 adding that one of the characteristics of the British strain is that it is easier to transmit in children and adolescents.

Asked whether it is time for children to start being vaccinated, he pointed out that he is a great advocate of vaccination, „and at some point, it will be necessary to vaccinate children, but now the priority is to vaccinate adults, there is time for children.“

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/paediatrician-more-children-with-more-severe-symptoms-due-to-rise-in-patients/

Travnik and Foca exit polls 18.5 and 42.7 percent by 2pm

April 11, 2021

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections Pod Lupom announced that 18.5 percent of voters in Travnik and 42.7 percent in Foca (Federation of BiH) voted in the early elections for mayors by 2 pm.

The recorded turnout by 2 pm in the early elections in Travnik was 18.5 percent (with a margin of statistical error of +/- 2.7 percent in the interval of 95 percent accuracy). The turnout in Foca (FBiH entity) is 42.7 percent (with a statistical error margin of +/- 7.1 percent on an interval of 95 percent accuracy), the coalition said.

Preliminary data from the sample of observed polling stations, while taking into account the margin of statistical error, indicate that the turnout in Travnik by 2 pm is lower by about 15 percent compared to the regular local elections held on November 15, 2020.

The Coalition added that the recommended measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were applied and respected during the voting process.

Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/travnik-and-foca-exit-polls-18-5-and-42-7-percent-by-2pm/

Bodrozic: Someone does not want the truth about Curuvija murder to come out

April 11, 2021

The head of the Independent Association of Journalists (NUNS), Zeljko Bodrozic, said Sunday that 22 years after the murder of journalist and owner of "Dnevni Telegraf" and "Evropljanin" Slavko Curuvija, no one has been convicted of that crime.

Curuvija was killed on April 11, 1999, in front of the building where he lived in Svetogorska Street in Belgrade.

Speaking at Nova S television, Bodrozic said that, based on the prosecutor’s final words, it was clear that the state was behind the murder.

He pointed out that it was a „mistake of the new authorities“ after 2000, and that it was all well calculated.

„It is obvious that it’s all about the calculations. That, as they call it, the deep state has obviously decided to hand over two or three victims, without ever revealing who was behind it,“ Bodrozic said.

UNS: Lack of justice

The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) announced that they have been waiting for 22 years for justice to be done because of the murder of Slavko Curuvija. „This is not a delay injustice, this is a lack of justice,“ the UNS said.

UNS recalled that it took 15 years to file an indictment against Curuvija’s killers from the state apparatus.

They pointed out that the delay in the procedure causes indignation, as well as the fact that the accused of the state crime is still at large, even under house arrest.

„The UNS demands that the state do everything to end the trial of the murderers of Slavko Curuvija, this year. „There is no other way for Serbia to prove that our country is no longer a symbol of impunity for crimes against journalists,“ they said.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/bodrozic-someone-does-not-want-the-truth-about-curuvija-murder-to-come-out/

Jeremic: If election conditions do not change, we will not take part

April 11, 2021

I honestly think that no one alive, and certainly no one normal, cares about the relations in the opposition and I am convinced that there will be enough reason to act in the dialogue with the authorities, with the mediation of the European Union, to meet at least the minimum conditions for fair and honest elections, said leader of the People's Party, Vuk Jeremic on Sunday.

He said at the press conference on the Zemun quay that the People’s Party is for a united and consolidated appearance of the opposition, based on a common platform.

If it turns out that nothing has changed in the election conditions compared to the previous year, he pointed out, the People’s Party will not participate in the elections.

Jeremic said that he expected an invitation from the representatives of the European Parliament in the coming days, and stated that the People’s Party would participate in the dialogue, which he said was in the phase of talks with political actors.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/jeremic-if-election-conditions-do-not-change-we-will-not-take-part/

Dacic: MEPs interested in opposition, we won’t play that game

April 11, 2021

Serbia's Assembly speaker Ivica Dacic, said that representatives of the European Parliament, who are mediators in talks on electoral conditions between the authorities and the opposition, the most interested in the “boycotting opposition" and the groups around the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dragan Djilas, and even the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDS) Boris Tadic.

„It seems to me that Djilas and the team expect the European representatives to agree with them on what is needed and to present their demands as the demands of the European Parliament. We will not talk to them in that way,“ Dacic told K1 television.

He stated that the opinion of political parties such as the Serbian Radical Party (SRS), the Enough is Enough movement (DJB), and the Serbian Patriotic Union (SPAS), who do not want the presence of international representatives must be taken into account.

Dacic reiterated that the MEPs will start talks with non-parliamentary parties on April 19, that they will inform him of this in May, after which they will gather and discuss what needs to be done.

He assessed the opposition’s announcement that they will boycott the elections again if the conditions do not change after the upcoming talks, as a threat.

Political scientist: Serbia does not have an opposition candidate who could defeat Vucic

Political scientist Nikola Parun believes that Serbia does not currently have an opposition candidate who could defeat the current president Aleksandar Vucic in the elections and that such a person would have to come from the sidelines, „it will have to be someone from the world of sports, culture, art, someone big enough, who has nothing to do with the SNS and who will join the opposition in full capacity.“ He added that Serbia currently has at least two strong opposition leaders – Vuk Jeremic and Dragan Djilas, „but not strong enough to gather all the dissatisfied or the entire opposition.“

„Due to the ballast of their past, it is difficult for them to cross that psychological threshold of 20 to 25 percent. When I say ballast, I don’t necessarily mean that they killed someone or were corrupt, but I think that most of Serbia see them that way. The problem for them is that those who could be part of the corps of opposition voters also see them that way,“ Parun told N1.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/dacic-meps-interested-in-opposition-we-wont-play-that-game/

Slovenia reports 1,250 new coronavirus cases, 12 deaths

April 10, 2021

Slovenia on Saturday reported 1,250 new coronavirus cases after 4,730 tests carried out and 12 COVID-19-related deaths in the last 24 hours, with 26.4 percent of tests performed returning positive.

Currently, 605 infected people are receiving hospital treatment and 140 of them are in intensive care. The number of active cases has continued to grow and has now reached 13,911, while the death toll since the start of the epidemic in March 2020 has risen to 4,112.

The government has extended for 30 days the period during which it can legally impose new measures to contain the spread of the virus. However, it has eased some of the restrictions relating to the 11-days lockdown that expires on Sunday.

As of Monday, schools will resume face-to-face classes, and wearing a face mask outdoors will not be mandatory anymore. An overnight curfew will remain in force only in several regions with the worst epidemiological situation, and the ban on travel between regions will remain in place for at least another week because the whole country is still considered a red zone, the government announced after a meeting on Friday night.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/slovenia-reports-1250-new-coronavirus-cases-12-deaths/

Croatia confirms 2,535 new coronavirus cases, 34 deaths

April 10, 2021

In the last 24 hours, 2,535 new coronavirus cases and 34 COVID-19-related deaths have been registered in Croatia, the national COVID-19 response team said on Saturday.

The number of active cases currently stands at 13,666, an increase of 466 from Friday. Among them are 1,796 people who are receiving hospital treatment, including 180 who are on ventilators.

Since 25 February 2020, when the first case was confirmed in the country, 290,899 people have been registered as having contracted the new virus, of whom 6,269 have died and 270,964 have recovered, including 2,035 in the last 24 hours. Currently, 29,718 people are in self-isolation.

A total of 1,629,803 people have been tested to date, including 10.140 in the last 24 hours. So far 565,785 vaccine doses have been used and 458,762 people have been vaccinated, of whom 350,053 have received one dose and 107,023 both doses. For 1,868 persons there is no data on how many doses they have received.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/croatia-confirms-2535-new-coronavirus-cases-34-deaths/

Bosnia reports 1,198 new coronavirus cases and 61 fatalities

April 10, 2021

Bosnian health officials reported 1,198 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, along with 61 virus-related fatalities.

The country's Federation (FBiH) entity reported 770 new cases after testing 3,280 samples for the new coronavirus. The entity's Public Health Institute said they recorded 35 deaths caused by the virus.

The Republika Srpska (RS) region said they registered 364 new cases of the disease after testing 1,137 suspected samples. This entity also reported having 25 fatalities over the last 24 hours.

Brcko District health officials said they recorded 64 new coronavirus cases, along with one fatality.

Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/bosnia-reports-1198-new-coronavirus-cases-and-61-fatalities/

Coronavirus UPDATE: 41 deaths, 3,058 newly infected in Serbia

April 10, 2021

The Serbian Health Ministry said in its daily 3:00 pm bulletin on Saturday that 41 people died of coronavirus-related ailments over the previous 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 5,700.

It said that 14,034 people had been tested over the previous 24 hours, including 3,058 who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The total number of people tested to date stands at 3,577,398 with 426,487 confirmed cases.

The bulletin said that there are 7,903 hospitalized patients, including 260 patients on ventilators.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/coronavirus-update-14-deaths-1968-newly-infected-in-serbia-2/

Serbia sends another 20,000 vaccines to Bosnia’s RS entity

April 10, 2021

Bosnia's Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik said Saturday that he had agreed with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that some 20,000 vaccines would be delivered from Serbia to the Republika Srpska entity at the beginning of next week.

„This process of giving vaccines to our citizens will continue and maintained in the best possible way,“ Dodik said.
He added that he talked to Vucic Friday night and Saturday morning and that the delivery of vaccines was agreed on for Monday or Tuesday.

He stated that they are doing everything to procure not only Russian but also Chinese and some other vaccines.
„We were completely deceived by the Covax program, despite paying upfront,“ Dodik pointed out.

„We expect the delivery of 1,100,000 doses which we paid to the Russians, which means vaccination for 550,000 inhabitants in the Republika Srpska entity, we bought some 400,000 doses from the Covax program, Pfizer and others, which, unfortunately, we have not received, because America says – until the last American is vaccinated, they cannot vice a single dose to BiH,“ Dodik stressed.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/serbia-sends-another-20000-vaccines-to-bosnias-rs-entity/

‘Ecological Uprising’ ends in Belgrade, protestors demand concrete steps

April 10, 2021

The civil protest called "Ecological Uprising" ended in front of the Serbian Radio and Television, after a walk through the central streets of Belgrade.

The organizers of the rally demanded the introduction of a moratorium on the construction of small hydroelectric power plants, the suspension of deforestation in Serbia, as well as more intensive afforestation.

They called for an end to „misuse of money for ecology“, for authorities to „stop ignoring“ environmental impact studies, such as the construction of mini-hydropower plants on the environment, and for citizens to be better informed about environmental issues.

They also demanded respect for the Constitution and the law, including the right to a healthy environment, as well as the removal of those in charge in that area due to „harmful acts and omissions.“

During the protest walk through the central city streets, the citizens stopped at the representative office of the company Rio Tinto and in front of the building of the Serbian Radio and Television.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/ecological-uprising-ends-in-belgrade-protestors-demand-concrete-steps/

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