International Information Centre for Balkan Studies

Projects seeking support


This section presents several interesting projects, seeking support.


The Old maps. Europe rediscover itself

Even from the point of view of the still alive disputes as to whether the archives should be treated as elements of cultural inheritance, we consider it to be justifiable to stress the fact that the historical maps, large collections of which are in abundance in the European depositories, are both creations of art and historical records. 

Cultural diversity in the Balkans and its place in the culture of United Europe

The purpose of the project is to present the cultural diversity of the peoples that inhabit the Balkan Peninsula in a diachronic and synchronic manner using the contemporary information technologies.

The modern cultural map of the region impresses with its multiethnic and multi religious character, with presence of a large number of ethnic groups within the boundaries of modern Balkan states, and with the coexistence of different confessions. Christianity, mainly in its Orthodox model, Islam, and in a lesser extends – Judaism.

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